Etobicoke Home Additions for all Residential and Commercial Needs

Additional Space and a Great Investment

etobicokehomeadditionsEmbarking on the task of remodelling your home can be a daunting and yet exciting experience but with the proper planning and a reputable contractor your home remodelling project should be a relatively smooth process. This is where we at CP Designs offer Etobicoke residents our convenient services and expertise in the area of home additions and improvements, assisting you with the whole process from beginning to end, covering each and every possible aspect so that no detail is overlooked. After all home additions and renovations can be a complex and involved ordeal so hiring a company like CP Designs to ensure that your renovation project goes off without a hitch is the best way to guarantee the results you had envisioned for your home. Our design consulting company will work with you and your visions for your home assessing the particulars of all your requirements as well as the alternatives. We will conceptualize, develop and executing a plan of action with the right contractors to ensure that your ideas come to fruition in exactly the way you had expected.
Tackling Your Home Improvement Project

If you are considering taking on a home improvement project and feel overwhelmed and perhaps slightly lost you are definitely not alone. Not everyone is born with an affinity or the know-how for home renovations nor is it realistic to expect that as homeowners you'll know exactly what type of home additions and renovations your home can accommodate. It is our mission at CP Designs to facilitate this process for you while lightening the burden and reducing the demands such a project could potentially require of you as the homeowner. Home renovations are notoriously challenging and more than prone to certain issues along the way that not every homeowner is equipped to deal with. CP Design's experience as a consulting company adept in dealing with these industry issues will ensure that your home additions and or renovations are carried out in the most cost-effective, efficient and satisfactory manner while keeping the homeowner as unencumbered as possible throughout the entirety of the project.
Make Your Home Additions a Breeze

So if you are considering or are in the midst of planning additions to your home visit our website or give us a call at (416)200-0668 and find out more about the services we offer and how we can assist you with your re-design plans. If you are curious as to some of the residential and commercial work CP Designs has been involved with in the past you can view some examples on our website or alternatively feel free ask one of our CP Design representatives for testimonials from some of our clients. Homes are the foundation and cornerstones for any family which is why we take great stock in the services we commit to for any homeowner including yours. Contract us today and experience the CP Design solution first-hand!

The following are satisfied clients with whom I have worked closely. Testimonials are available on demand.
Bathroom repair - Kingsway
Complete home renovation - The Manor
Coach house renovation / children’s bedrooms – Kilbride
Bathroom renovation / finishes - Kilbride
Kitchen renovation - Caledon
Kitchen renovation - Richmond Hill
Kitchen renovation / complete condo - Etobicoke
Complete condo renovation – Yorkville
Complete basement renovation – Annex
Kitchen renovation / bedroom / window treatments - Etobicoke
Bathroom - Etobicoke
Condo renovation - Palace Place
Kitchen renovation - Brampton
Condo renovation - St Lawrence Market
Basement renovation / custom pool room - Etobicoke
Master bedroom / children’s bedroom - Avenue Road
Bathroom / basement renovation - Bayview
Finishes / furniture - Kingsway
Fogolars Country Club: ball room renovation / bar / custom ceiling - Oakville
Machine-a-Matic: men’s & women’s bathrooms - Newmarket
Micro-Pigmentation Centre / Times-2 Filing:  showroom / kitchen renovation - Mississauga
Starlake Homes: 4 custom built homes - Beaches